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 29th Annual International Petroliana Collectors' Convention  

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June 26-27- 2015

This year's 28th Annual International Petroliana
Collectors' Convention with indoor and outdoor
exhibits will be held
all day Friday, and Saturday
until NOON..  in Dublin, Ohio.
(Columbus Metro area)

 View From The Porch @ Dixie Gas!

Brass & Silver Tab Screws For Art Deco & Aztec Clocks.

Teardrop Clips For Electric Neon Clocks.



We Stock every part known to repair or restore your clock.

We offer the largest selection of restoration services and custom clock parts

 On the PLANET  

   Est. 1981   

If you need Restoration parts for your Neon Or Lighted Clock Look no further!

We have parts for Cleveland, Pam, Telechron, Modern, Lackner

Federal, CAPCO, Cincinnati Advertising Products, Glo Dial

Double Bubble, Neon Products, Swihart, & More.

We Have Parts For Clocks You Probably Never Heard Of!

Call for your parts and special clock project needs.

We stock Motors, Hands, Neon Tubes, Transformers, Clock Cans, Replacement Glass, Spinners,

Dials, Cords, Etc, Even 11 Watt Bulbs!

We also have a constantly changing supply of Vintage Parts!

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We are always looking to buy vintage clocks and signs to add to our collection.

We also buy parts!


Phone: 937-857-0200

Cell: 937-308-3633


 Below is a list of the type of stuff we are always Buying.  

Things we are interested in,       Barber Chairs ,       Animated Displays ,       Gas Pumps ,       Toys ,       Lighted Signs ,       Salesman Samples ,       Thermometers ,      

Advertising Signs ,       Flange Signs ,       Backbars ,       Cash Registers ,       Gas Globes ,       Spinner Signs ,       Catalin Radios ,       Coca Cola ,       Lackner Clocks ,       Juke Box ,       Pepsi ,       Porcelain Signs ,       Koken Coat Racks ,       Self Framed Tin Signs ,       Hires Money Maker ,       Advertising Displays ,       Harley Davidson ,       Frischs Big Boy ,       Double Bubble Clocks ,       Lackner Signs ,      

Poll Parrot Neon Sign ,       Oilsum Porcelain Sign ,       Greyhound Animated Sign ,       Federal Neon Clock ,       Slot Machines ,       Gambling ,       Coke Rocker Clock ,       Coin Op Horse Race Game ,       RARE Neon Barber Pole ,       Childs Figural Barber Chairs ,       Neon Clock ,       Liberty Flour Neon Clock ,       Scales ,       Rare Swihart Coke Clock ,       Reverse Glass Signs ,       Leaded Glass Barber Poles ,       Gas Station Signs ,       Neon Products Clocks ,       Indian Motorcycle Signs ,       Weather Bird Porcelain Sign ,       Winchester Firearms Sign ,       Cleveland Neon Clocks ,       Barber Shop Items ,       Coin Op ,       Gem City Ice Cream ,       Farm Signs ,       Neon Products Signs ,       www.waynesneonclocks.com ,      


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